How to Set WooCommerce Minimum Order Value Without Plugin 2024 (Two Method)

How to Set WooCommerce Minimum Order Value Without Plugin 2024 (Two Method)


Setting a minimum order value serves as a pivotal aspect for businesses operating on WooCommerce minimum order. It establishes a threshold that customers must meet to complete their purchase, influencing their shopping behavior positively.

Follow the Simple Steps I speak in tamil in the video. Don’t worry if you don’t know Tamil you are in other Country Just follow My tutorial, and you can easily understand the important settings.

First Method With Plugin

1. First open > Wp-admin dashboard > Plugin > Add New > wp code

woocommerce minimum order

2. Next Click > The top of the Site in Wp code

woocommerce minimum order

3. Next Click > Add New

woocommerce minimum order

4. Next Click > Add you Custom Code

woocommerce minimum order

But Before Customize this Code….

woocommerce minimum order

After Customize this Code Copy this Code and paste the box

 * Set a minimum order amount for checkout
add_action( 'woocommerce_checkout_process', 'wc_minimum_order_amount' );
add_action( 'woocommerce_before_cart' , 'wc_minimum_order_amount' );
function wc_minimum_order_amount() {
    // Set this variable to specify a minimum order value
    $minimum = 500;

    if ( WC()->cart->total < $minimum ) {

        if( is_cart() ) {

                sprintf( 'Your current order total is %s — you must have an order with a minimum of %s to place your order ' , 
                    wc_price( WC()->cart->total ), 
                    wc_price( $minimum )
                ), 'error' 

        } else {

                sprintf( 'Your current order total is %s — you must have an order with a minimum of %s to place your order' , 
                    wc_price( WC()->cart->total ), 
                    wc_price( $minimum )
                ), 'error' 


5. Next > Second Copy and Paste this Code in box > Active > Update

woocommerce minimum order

6. Go to try Order and check its Work > Shows like this Alert message It Works Done

woocommerce minimum order

Second Method Without Plugin

1. First > Open Wp-admin Dashboard > Theme File editor > Click Function.php

woocommerce minimum order

2. Next Copy and paste the code Before apply first customize the Code in Minimum order Value

Don’t Forget to Click update file Button

After try to order It works …

woocommerce minimum order

Benefits of WooCommerce Minimum Order Value

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses seek innovative methods to enhance sales while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. One such strategy gaining traction is implementing a minimum order value within the WooCommerce platform.

Importance of woocommerce minimum order Value

By integrating this feature, businesses can steer their sales strategy effectively, encouraging higher order values and subsequently increasing revenue.

Advantages of Implementing Minimum Order Value

Encourages higher sales

A defined minimum order value incentivizes customers to add more items to their carts to meet the threshold, boosting the average order value.

Improves profit margins

With larger orders, businesses can optimize logistics and decrease per-unit costs, leading to improved profit margins.

Enhances customer experience

Although seemingly counterintuitive, setting a minimum order value can enhance the overall customer experience by streamlining operations and potentially offering incentives like free shipping.

Customer Behavior and Minimum Order Value

Understanding consumer psychology behind this strategy is imperative. It impacts the customer’s purchasing decisions, influencing their perception of value and driving their actions.

Strategies for Setting Minimum Order Value

Businesses need to carefully analyze their specific needs and customer behavior patterns before setting the threshold. Tailoring these values and effectively communicating the benefits to customers is key.

Effect on Business Growth and Expansion

Implementing a minimum order value can contribute significantly to scaling opportunities and fostering customer loyalty, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Challenges and Solutions

Addressing objections and managing customer expectations play a vital role in the successful implementation of this strategy.

Optimizing Minimum Order Value for SEO

Crafting compelling product descriptions and employing SEO-friendly categorization methods enhances visibility and drives organic traffic.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Real-world examples demonstrate the tangible impact of implementing a minimum order value, showcasing notable outcomes and success stories.

Measuring Success and Metrics

Tracking order values and analyzing key performance indicators allow businesses to gauge the effectiveness of this strategy.

Adapting to Market Trends

Remaining flexible and adjusting thresholds in response to market demands ensures continued relevance and customer satisfaction.

Future of Minimum Order Value in E-commerce

Predictions suggest continued evolution in strategies surrounding minimum order value, aligning with dynamic market trends.


In essence, incorporating a minimum order value within the WooCommerce framework presents multifaceted benefits for businesses aiming to boost sales, improve profitability, and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.

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Does setting a minimum order value deter customers? Setting a minimum order value can actually encourage customers to explore more products to meet the threshold, increasing sales.

Setting a minimum order value can actually encourage customers to explore more products to meet the threshold, increasing sales.

How can businesses determine the right minimum order value?

Analyzing customer behavior, operational costs, and market trends helps in setting an optimal threshold.

Can a minimum order value strategy negatively impact customer satisfaction?

While it might initially raise concerns, effective communication and added value (like free shipping) can enhance customer satisfaction.

Is it possible to change the minimum order value over time?

Yes, businesses can and should adjust minimum order values based on market dynamics and customer feedback.

Does implementing a minimum order value affect SEO efforts?

When optimized properly, it can actually contribute positively to SEO by improving product categorization and keyword targeting.

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